Created: 2021-08-13


Today is my first workday after holiday. I got up at 05:00 and I'm feeling fit and very well. Today we will have a little company outing - so it won't be a a real workday in that meaning of work :-)

In a way I think I could have had more me-time in my holiday, with relaxing and focusing on inner processes, but on the whole I managed to relax and calm down in a different way. I've been skating a lot - also spent the day of my birthday at our skate spot with the other locals and it felt great. It was really a good day and I enjoyed my holiday a lot. My definite highlight was at the beginning when a friend came to visit me for 2 days. It was so good to see them again after such a long time and to talk with them. I enjoyed that time so much <3

I'm feeling relaxed and I have a lot of energy. I am happy and I'm feeling very very well right now :-)