Created: 2021-08-13


Didn't update this page since a few months now. Many many things happened. I've had a surgery in february and afterwards I needed time to sort everything mentally.

In april I've had a corona infection and now it's two weeks since I'm negative and out of isolation. I don't sleep well and I feel exhausted. Currently I'm not active in the groups that I'm member of and try to take care of myself as good as I can. Reducing responsibilities is good for me right now. Job and my personal things (houshold in broader sense) is currently enough and more is too much.

A while ago I started my other / main website at It is still under development, but my plan is to move this now-page there one day.

Besides all this I reduce technical activities in my free time. Since I do it as job I often prefer to do other things in my free time. The tools I use privately should be simple and easy to maintain and I think very carefully about what I implement practically and what is too much effort for me. So many things are changing... Somethimes it feels overwhelming... but I try to update this page from now more often again :-)