Created: 2020-12-22

Photo of me in front of my computer

My name is Rebeka Catalina Trulsen and I'm a trans-woman, currently living in Woennichstrasse 14 10317 Berlin.

I was born in Hessen in 1982. In the age between 17 and 24 I lived in Hungary. That was a great time and I enjoyed it very much. In 2011 I started slowly with my transition and in the end of 2013 I moved to Berlin. I found an awesome flatshare where I lived for about two years. Our flat-sharing community was unfortunately broken up by our landlady. She kicked us out, but my flatmates and I are still friends.

In 2013 I started using linux - version 3.11 with archlinux that time. After a year or so I switched to Slackware for a while and started to play around with OpenBSD and FreeBSD as well. Nowadays FreeBSD and Gentoo are my main distros. I work a lot with terminal tools and have a soft spot for regular expressions.

I'm vegetarian and partly vegan. I like plants and animals and I love walks in nature.

My big passion is snakeboarding or also known as streetboarding. I really love this sport and after 17 years of not-skating I started again at the beginning of the corona crisis. That was a very good decision.

I don't like skating - I love it <3